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Silver Sands Vacation Rentals has been working with rental property owners since 2007. Silver Sands is family owned and operated and we are well prepared with a highly experienced and qualified staff of professional agents to handle your needs. Silver Sands Vacation Rentals takes care of your property, maximizes your revenue and deals with the headaches. Looks like a Win-Win for you and your investment property!

Silver Sands Vacation Rentals has built a reputation as one of the most prestigious property management companies in Port Aransas. We are the first place people go to look for annual rentals.

All of our potential tenants go through a rigorous qualification process. Along with our attorney driven lease, this process practically guarantees hassle free tenancy. For added protection to all parties we have personal inspectors who view the property before and after every rental. This ensures that if damage has occurred the responsible person will be charged.

Silver Sands Vacation Rentals is dedicated to taking care of your property and, if needed, can handle many maintenance issues in-house. We also have long established relationships with outside vendors when the occasion requires. We respect your pocket book, maintenance issues will not only be addressed, but they will be handled in a timely and cost-efficient manner.